Loved column on sidewalks and litter in Bedford

To the Editor:

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Rapsis’ “Basically Bedford” column about the good and bad of sidewalks.

I was particularly entertained by his musing on litter – the debris that seems to multiply as the snow banks recede and the trash talk “litter” of folks who express themselves with curse words.

As we approach Earth Day, I would like to invite Mr. Rapsis and the whole community of Bedford to join the “Buff Up Bedford” campaign Saturday, April 26. We start at McKelvie School at 9:30 a.m. and set off with our DPW-supplied blue bags, into our neighborhoods to clean up litter for an hour or two. It does make a difference!

We’ve found some doozie items discarded and always remark on our most interesting find. Jeff could join the ladies and friends of the Bedford Women’s Club and get material for an easy spring trash inventory article. We promise not to use the “F” word!