Thank you for supporting Bedford’s Stand By Me program

To the Editor:

In the Bedford Town Library is a display case containing an old book in which the names of its original subscribers from 1789 to 1848 are recorded.

Filled with sepia ink that must have been written with quill pens, the book is really something to see! It always prompts me to marvel at the community Bedford has become over the last few hundred years through the good deeds, kind spirit and generous pocketbooks of its citizens. We enjoy a marvelous library, a handsome new town commons, an effective public school system and various wonderful clubs and organizations because our past and present town members have chosen to invest in this community.

Among the loveliest of Bedford’s organizations is the Stand By Me program. A day of family workshops for the middle school’s seventh-graders, Stand By Me’s mission is to improve communication, empathy, and trust for families as they head into their children’s teenage years. Celebrating its 25th year, Stand By Me has had thousands upon thousands of Bedford students and parents as well as hundreds of local professionals participate. I think after 25 years of dedication, commitment and investment in our children, Stand By Me qualifies as an exceptional Bedford institution.

The current members of the Stand By Me committee wish to say thank you to the many people who have touched Stand By Me in some way. Whether you attended with your own seventh-grader, donated money, volunteered on past committees, or perhaps even gave a workshop yourself, please know that Stand By Me is still going strong. We hope you and your families are well and promise to continue Stand By Me’s mission. To the town of Bedford, thank you for your support.

Our success comes in large part from growing within a wonderful community. Thank you.