We haven’t forgotten the invasive survey in Bedford schools

To the Editor:

Historically, the Bedford School Board and superintendent’s office has had the reputation of stonewalling parents and shrugging off complaints with an arrogant dismissive attitude until they simply go away, never addressing or fixing problems whatsoever.

I hope you are watching the school board carefully to see if this is still the norm, or if the new members actually care about parental rights. Over the past weeks, several parents have stampeded the school board with complaints about the educator misconduct that took place with the invasive personal survey given to their children while lied to about content, without parental consent, and leading children to believe their participation was required.

What has the school board done so far? Held a lovefest for the Coalition of Bedford Youth, and remained completely silent about the matter since. As the state Board of Education continues to investigate the conduct of the school and superintendent’s office, no public acknowledgement of wrongdoing has been made, no public apology to parents for skirting their rights, no disciplinary action for those who made such arrogant decisions, and no official policy changes proposed. Some parents aren’t even getting call backs. This is business as usual for this school system. Those who are running the show had better wake up and start listening to parents.

I, and many others, have not forgotten about this matter and expect the school board to do their job in addressing this satisfactorily at this month’s school board meetings. The past two meetings have had an overwhelming number of parents express their disgust and frustration with how these surveys were handled, and the school board members who do nothing will deal with voters in the next election. As a parent, I expect to see some action on this month’s agenda.

Those who took time out of their evenings to voice their concerns deserve much more than the usual inaction, and will be watching this month expecting remedies.