A heartfelt thank you from Plant It Pink Committee

A heartfelt thank-you from Plant It Pink

To the Editor:

Almost one year ago, a committee was formed to take positive action in raising funds to find a cure after the loss of a dear friend to breast cancer.

The positive action took the form of a sale of pink spring flowering tulips and pink center narcissus with the proceeds of sales donated to the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Research Fund.

In addition to the sale, the aim was to provide awareness of the disease and to provide a silent nod of support to those who are being treated, completed treatment or those who have lost a loved one to breast cancer.

A big thank you to the volunteers who sold almost 5,000 tulips and narcissus and to those who planted them! The recent pink display drew much attention and social media was abuzz with comments.

Many stopped at the North Triangle to snap a photo or two. Several condominium complexes and businesses in Amherst and Milford put on a wonderful display of pink. The blooms arrived in time for Mother’s Day and the annual Amherst Garden Club plant sale.

The Amherst Garden Club’s membership overwhelmingly voted last spring to provide support for the first year of the project.

The garden club’s support was demonstrated by a beautiful pink display this spring in the town’s gardens maintained by the club. In addition, the club’s mission statement was served by the many garden club volunteers who assisted in educating students about tulip and narcissus horticulture and planting bulbs in all Amherst schools.

The support from SAU 39 superintendent, principals, teachers and staff was very special.

Primary school children planted their bulbs last fall with the help of Anabel Bulb, and their patience this winter was rewarded with a beautiful display at their schools.

Middle and high school students were advised of the deeper meaning behind the plantings and the concept made the event more special as many students have family members affected in one way or another and share the vision of a future free from the specter of this terrible disease.

Thanks to you, $2,500, earmarked for breast cancer research, was donated to the American Cancer Society Bedford office last fall.

The project brought many levels of success and achievement, personal and public to all participants. The project is catching on in many area communities and is sure to provide pink springs for years to come.

Thank you all for making this fundraiser one to remember!


Plant It Pink Committee