Do your research before you vaccinate

Anti-vaccine group sees grave risks

To the Editor:

Is there anything more important than getting all the facts and information when considering a risky medical intervention, especially when that intervention is a vaccine that could cause illness, disability and even death?

The push of vaccines has never been greater and I encourage all, parents, teens, adults and seniors to do some research of their own and compare it with the sales promotions for vaccines. Are you getting the whole story? Do you know the very real risks of vaccination? What are your choices?

There have been recent letters in the paper where Kathy Benuck has mentioned her support of a Dr. David Fredenburg, referring to him as a “well-known vaccine expert,” but I suspect that you actually haven’t heard of this Dr. Fredenburg before. There are some things you should know about him. Dr. Fredenburg was a practicing pediatrician in Hudson, N.H., and he gave up that practice in May 2011 to work full-time promoting vaccines.

Dr. Fredenburg is the NH AAP chapter immunization representative. Dr. Fredenburg is involved with the NH Immunization program and on the NH Immunization Advisory Committee for vaccine selection and policy. Dr. Fredenburg is also on the board of directors for the NH Vaccine Association, an entity that votes to assess businesses, health insurers and taxpayers for the purchase of an expanded list of vaccines, a list that far exceeds state mandates. Dr. Fredenburg is in the vaccine business.

In her letter, Kathy Benuck has referred to me and my group. Please let me tell you who my “group” is. My group includes parents Amy and Tommy, of Nashua, whose healthy 15-month-old son, Ryan, died immediately following his “routine 15-month vaccines.”

My group includes Melinda and Mark, of Tamworth, whose son, Dan, was severely injured by his MMR vaccine and thereafter suffered for years with a seizure disorder and other health problems, eventually dying from his injuries. My group includes senior citizen John, from Deerfield, who called me this past winter injured and in great pain from his flu shot, having lost use of his arm and in so much pain, he could not sleep or engage in daily life functions now, running up thousands of dollars in medical bills in an attempt to recover from his flu shot. My group includes that father I chatted with at the Bedford transfer station who told me how his daughter developed diabetes following her flu shot.

And if you have put on your thinking cap and are asking questions about vaccines … why so many, why over and over again, what are the risks, what are my options, then you, too, are part of the growing movement where people are seeing and experiencing the harm themselves and asking the smart questions. Welcome.

I continue to urge all to do their own reading and research. Information is at your fingertips at the National Vaccine Information Center at This national nonprofit serves as a clearing house of complete information about vaccines, about the risks and about your options. Please read before you vaccinate, if you vaccinate.

If you have questions, please contact me at and I will direct you to the information you seek.


NH Director of Advocacy for NVIC


Editor’s note: The anti-vaccine movement appears to be having an effect. Measles, mumps and whooping cough are on the rise. A map posted on National Public Radio’s website shows incidence of these diseases over the last several years: