Why I’m running for state representative in Bedford

To the Editor:

Last week, I went to the Bedford Clerk’s Office and filed as a Republican candidate for the New Hampshire House of Representatives. I am excited about the prospect of representing Bedford, and look forward to meeting you in town. Until we have the chance to meet face to face, I’d like to share a little about who I am and why I’m running.

I grew up just north of here in Allenstown. My parents stressed the importance of a good work ethic and always pushed my siblings and me to do more and to do better. In 2003, I graduated from UNH with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communication.

My husband, Craig, and I are proud to call Bedford home. As a mother to two young daughters, I understand Granite State families face significant challenges right now and the uncertain future of our nation and our state is taking a toll. As your state representative, I would work to ensure that Bedford stays the attractive place it is to live by making New Hampshire strong.

I know a strong economy is essential to supporting families and the many demands raising children puts on our time and checkbooks.

I believe the financial health of our state is dependent on keeping it free of an income tax and sales tax.

I will support responsible economic growth efforts and ensure New Hampshire’s small businesses can thrive and companies will find New Hampshire an attractive option when deciding where to grow their business.

Over the next several weeks, I look forward to seeing you in and around town and I hope to hear more about your concerns and priorities for Bedford and New Hampshire.

I believe that I can be a dependable voice for you in Concord. I hope to gain your confidence and trust over the coming months and ask that you consider supporting me as a Republican candidate for the New Hampshire House of Representative on Sept. 9.