Letter: Scott Brown’s businesses dealings bring up ethical questions

The handsome carpetbagger from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, is beginning to change our Bedford landscape with political signs. Having lost a reelection campaign in his home state I guess he thinks that New Hampshire voters aren’t as astute as his fellow voters from the Commonwealth south of our border.

We recently learned that Brown had been hired as an advisor to Global Digital Solutions, a sleazy Florida company with no real product line and whose chief executives have been accused of fraud…of siphoning investor money from another of their companies. Before you take over a million dollars in stock and lend your name to a company, don’t you do due diligence? GDS had no products, no revenue and not even a physical office space. Brown is supposed to be a lawyer…would he counsel a client to buy into a business like GDS?

This failed business deal shows both his greed and immense lack of business judgment. New Hampshire does not need an opportunistic politician like Scott Brown to represent us in the United States Senate.

Beth Ann Salzman