Stevens supported for state rep

To the Editor:

I’m supporting Melissa Stevens for State Representative, for many reasons – and not just because she is my wife.

Although I’ve been associated with politics for much of my professional life, being the spouse of a candidate has provided me with a new perspective – and I certainly want to congratulate each of the twelve candidates who are seeking the six slots to represent Bedford in Concord.

As Melissa’s husband, I’ve seen her effectively juggle raising our two young daughters and campaigning as hard and effectively as anyone in the race and I’m proud of the campaign that she has run.

She is the only candidate to come up with a new policy idea: to allow New Hampshire businesses to help New Hampshire college graduates repay their student loans, then write those payments off their state Business Enterprise Tax (BET). This is a conservative idea that will help New Hampshire graduates find work here in the Granite State, help lower taxes for local businesses, and foster a strong and growing economy for the state.

And when faced with choices of political expedience, Melissa has stood on her principles. It may end up costing her votes, but she’s run her campaign the right way and been honest and open about all of her positions. She’s been clear that she wants to keep New Hampshire free of income and sales taxes. She wants to lower taxes on businesses and reduce red tape so they can grow and flourish. And she wants to ensure that local families have control of their local public schools.

I know that Melissa is hard-working, intelligent, committed to the causes she’s involved in, and won’t take no for an answer (believe me). And I know that this race has not and will not define her. She’ll still be a loving wife and mother and sister and daughter and neighbor and friend no matter how the election turns out. And she’ll always work to help make Bedford stronger and New Hampshire a better place to live.

In closing, I know that she would be a great representative for the people of Bedford in Concord, and I would ask that you join me in casting a vote for Melissa Stevens for State Representative.

Craig Stevens