Response to Schappels letter

To the Editor:

Lawyer Julia Schappels may have her day in court where she defends the ‘inversion’ principle of tax evasion whereby a corporation moves its headquarters overseas to avoid paying American taxes. But she will still be on the wrong side of history and wrong about Scott Brown. China is a totalitarian country! Mexico is a country of a few oligarchs and overwhelming poverty. Missing in her recent letter is any regard for the American worker, home owner, pensioner, the unemployed, the sick, and the lame all of whom depend fully or partly on the taxes that are or should be paid by corporations.

As Elizabeth Warren, Brown’s successor to the Massachusetts Senate seat, has pointed out, American business has not built the roads, bridges, fire and police protection, and our national defense, except through taxes. Brown’s misbegotten poverty stricken patriotism, 35 years of National Guard service not withstanding, places money above country, corporations above citizens!

Lawyers Schappals and Brown need to figure out how capitalism in its present form (see Tom Piketty’s Capitalism) increases inequality and how the growing inequality in America can be stopped. We need to elect politicians who are dedicated to restoring our country to being a society of equals (google Pierre Rosanvallon book by that name) and who will help the top1% recover the patriotism that characterized our founding fathers and mothers. Jeanne Shaheen is one such candidate and should be re-elected.

The Rev. William S. Gannon