Shaheen is right choice for New Hampshire

To the Editor:

Northern Iraq; ISIS; Syria, Gaza. The world is a dangerous place and there is enough geo-political instability to give one nightmares. I want our elected officials to make wise, well-reasoned judgments on the use of military force. As a former active duty military officer (Judge Advocate’s General Corps, U.S. Army), and a recently retired civilian employee of the Department of Defense, I strongly believe we should reelect Senator Jeanne Shaheen as New Hampshire’s Senator.

Scott Brown’s candidacy is nothing but opportunistic. After losing to Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, he moved to New Hampshire in an attempt to regain a senate seat. Not only does Jeanne Shaheen have a proven record of representing NH but also her seats on the Committee on Foreign Relations, Committee on ArmedServices and her chair position on the Subcommittee on European Affairs are valuable to our state.

Senator Shaheen’s efforts on behalf of American veterans and knowledgeable positions regarding our military are critical to our nation’s safety and stability. She has demonstrated a willingness to work across the aisle and get things done. I know Jeanne Shaheen is ably representing our state and for that reason I support her candidacy for the Senate.

Ann Kanamine