Support Nyquist for Senate

To the Editor:

It is said that ‘all politics is local’.

Well, if politics are local, then I think that politicians – the people that represent me and my interests – should be local also. They should be part of my community, they should work in the geography they represent, they should raise a family in the represented district, and they should have a history of commitment to the people they represent. That is why I am voting for Lee Nyquist to be my Senator in Concord.

Lee Nyquist was married in Bedford, has lived in New Boston for 25 years, and has served as the town moderator there for 20 years. He raised a family in New Boston. He built a successful small business and served as chair of the Manchester Bar.

To my personal area of particular interest, Lee believes strongly in public education, locally controlled, and is committed to strengthening science and technical education. Lee knows the community he will represent and he knows the issues and concerns of the people in this community.

Please join me in supporting Lee Nyquist for Senate.

Paul G. Brock