Hassan deserves support for re-election

To the Editor:

Maggie Hassan has been an excellent governor, in the tradition of John Lynch, and she deserves our support for re-election. With a bipartisan approach, she has demonstrated real leadership in bringing people together to solve the challenges facing New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has made real progress in the last two years, and the Governor has accomplished this without an income or sales tax. In fact, her budget passed unanimously in a Republican-controlled Senate.

The Governor restored funding to higher education, freezing tuition at our state universities and cutting it at our community colleges. She understands that when we invest in education, we invest in our future.

To foster business development, she signed a transportation funding bill to improve our roads and bridges. She signed a bill to double the state’s R&D Tax Credit and has worked with the business community on initiatives for high-tech start-ups. She is working on renewable energy, reducing energy costs and protecting our environment.

When the Market Basket negotiations reached an impasse, Governors Hassan and Patrick stepped in to help resolve a crisis affecting thousands of workers and customers. When asked if he would have done that, Walt Havenstein said no.

Governor Hassan achieved a bipartisan agreement that gave 50,000 New Hampshire citizens access to health care. Her budget restored funding for family planning services. She will protect a woman’s right to make her own private medical decisions.

The governor signed the New Hampshire Paycheck Fairness Act so that women will get equal pay for equal work. She is working to restore and raise the state’s minimum wage, so that all New Hampshire citizens can live with dignity.

While Walt Havenstein has pledged to follow the agenda of the billionaire Koch brothers, Maggie Hassan has pledged to fulfill the priorities of the people of New Hampshire.

Mimi Silverman