Chris Pappas is clear choice for executive council

To the Editor:

On Nov. 4th we will choose our Governor, Senators and House Reps (both State and Federal), and several other offices, including Executive Councilor. On that day we will put our political affiliations aside and choose the best candidate for the job. Sometimes, those choices are difficult to make. I believe that returning Chris Pappas to the Executive Council is an easy choice to make and will serve our community and the State well.

In the last two years, Chris, in his role as an Executive Councilor has prioritized vital regional transportation projects including finishing the widening of I-93 from Manchester to Salem, widening Route 101 through Bedford, fixing countless crumbling roads and bridges and advancing an important study of passenger rail service to Boston. Chris understands well that a modern, multimodal transportation infrastructure is critical in ensuring New Hampshire is a premier place in which to live and grow a business.

Additionally, he has championed the issues of small businesses continually and successfully. As a small business owner himself, he understands the challenges that businesses face every day.

His commitment to his Bedford constituency has been demonstrated to you personally time and time again. When there were citizen meetings with the State on the Rte 101 improvements he was there. When there were group meetings of our State legislators, the School Board members and the Town Council he was there. He was there and has shown his concern for the residents of Bedford as well as all of District 4.

When I tell you that Christopher Pappas is the consummate candidate and the quintessential public servant it is because I know both candidates, and in no way is the one to be mistaken for the other. Chris should be our collective choice.

Jim Scanlon