Hassan the right choice for New Hampshire

To the Editor:

I have been a resident of Bedford for over 50 years. My children were raised here, and my grandchildren are currently Bedford students. New Hampshire was a wonderful place to grow up, to raise a family, and I am happy to know that my family loves it and that they continue to enjoy the benefits of the New Hampshire lifestyle. i would like to ask for your support in the re-election of Maggie Hassan as our governor.

Maggie Hassan’s opponents have tried to classify her as a career politician. I don’t agree. She is a mother of two who served us as a state senator for the “princely” sum of $100 per year. She has been our governor for 2 years, during which time she has worked in a bipartisan manner to pass a balanced budget, all the while working with a Republican majority in our state senate. She has always been open to hearing quality ideas from both sides of the aisle.

Maggie Hassan is also a realist. She understood the need to invest in the long term health of the state’s infrastructure, and we now have a plan in place provide safe and reliable roads for our citizens, for our business community and for our tourism industry. She accomplished this by working in a bipartisan manner, and in the face of some who wanted to push aside this obligation.

She was also able to find a solution to provide access to health insurance to thousands of New Hampshire citizens, less fortunate than many of us. These are our neighbors who would otherwise find themselves in an emergency room for health care—the most expensive health care option available.

Maggie Hassan’s leadersip and effectiveness as our governor have been proven. Please cast your vote for her on November 4.

Marcia Zahr