Keep Governor Hassan

To the Editor:

As leader of the State senate, Maggie worked with Governor Lynch to produce good legislation and stop much but not all of the crazy agenda of the Tea Party. Too many people stayed home for the 2010 off year election. Bad idea! Many extreme candidates did get in and passed their agenda that included cutting higher education funding in half and defunding Planned Parenthood.

It is important that we get out and vote to keep Maggie Hassan as our Governor. As Governor, she has seen the passing of a balanced budget without any Sales or Income Tax, Higher education has become more affordable, The Paycheck Fairness law has been passed to protect equal pay for equal work, and bipartisan legislation has been passed that extended medical coverage to 58,000 more New Hampshire citizens. It is important that those of us who approve of this common sense approach to problem solving get out and vote for Maggie Hassan.

Vote for Maggie Hassan for Governor on November 4th.

Floyd Inman