Sanborn a candidate of good character

To the Editor:

One Saturday my son and I were driving back from the Bedford Transfer Station and our truck broke down on Chubbuck Road. While we contemplated how we were going to get the truck back home, a man pulled over and offered his assistance. Obviously knowledgeable in car repair, he came up with a plan to get the truck running good enough to make the one mile trip back home. The man only identified as “Andy” drove us back to our house to pick up parts and tools, drove us back to the truck and spent over 1?2 hour with us making the necessary repairs. Andy then followed us back home to ensure we made the trip and then stopped by the next day to see if we had gotten to the bottom of the issue.

Recently, I came to realize that the Andy who stopped to help us was actually Andy Sanborn who is running for state senate. They say a true judge of a man’s character is how he acts when people are not looking – Andy did not help us to get a vote, Andy did not help us to get a donation – Andy helped us because he is a good man. In reality, other than garnering an in-depth knowledge of the myriad of issues that politicians need to address isn’t being a good man the key factor when voting for someone to represent you in government. I was happy to put his sign on my lawn.

Kevin D. Mullaney