Scott Brown’s ‘world view’

To the Editor:

Is it too much to ask that Scott Brown, a candidate for the United States Senate from New Hampshire, set forth his positions on major foreign policy issues? Before I vote I want to know whether candidate Brown believes that Congress should debate President Obama’s decision to send US military forces into Iraq and Syria. Unfortunately, Brown won’t tell us what he thinks, preferring to wait until after the election to state his views. Why is he afraid to answer media questions, or clarify his views on foreign policy? Rather than stating that he is for border security (probably a somewhat easy position to defend, like mom and apple pie), I would like to know what steps he will take to defend our borders other than to protect them from the “bad guys.”

In campaign ads, Scott Brown has touted his experience and expertise on military and foreign policy matters based on his National Guard service. Although Brown claims that he recognized that ISIL was a danger to the United States, is his current insight based upon 20/20 hindsight? I prefer a candidate who is willing to engage with constituents, and who thoughtfully answers substantive press questions rather than ducking them. It is insulting to me, a lawyer and former military officer, to be forced to guess what positions Scott Brown might take. It is a risk I am unwilling to take, especially since Senator Jeanne Shaheen has been thoughtful and transparent in her positions. Her record on the Senate Armed Services Committee and her willingness to discuss what she believes is the best foreign policy for New Hampshire and our nation makes her eminently well- qualified to continue in that position. For those reasons I support Jeanne Shaheen’s reelection to the Senate.

Ann Kanamine