Consider casting vote for Nyquist

To the Editor:

The closest race of the 2012 election, between Lee Nyquist and Andy Sanborn for Bedford’s State Senate District 9, ended in a recount with Sanborn ahead by half of one percent. Nyquist is providing an exciting rematch but Sanborn’s voting record has been labeled extreme, adding interest to the race. Given the issues at stake, Nyquist gets my vote.

Sanborn claims he supports women’s issues, job creation and education but his voting record doesn’t.

Sanborn voted against a woman making her own healthcare decisions (HB1679, 2012). Strong Local Economies NH gave him an F grade because he voted against local economy issues 11 out of 15 times, far below any other senator, Republican or Democrat. They describe Sanborn as the “one senator whose record stood out as extreme.” He cast one of the few votes against the bipartisan small business start-up plan, Pathways to Work (SB143, 2013), created by 19 Republican and Democratic senators. Sanborn was the only senator to vote no to ending legal corruption of money in politics. (SB307, 2014)

Sanborn’s extreme voting record extends to education. The opposite of supporting education, he voted to lower New Hampshire’s drop out age (HB429, 2011). He testified in support of the bill to outlaw the IB program in New Hampshire (HB1403, 2012) and violate Bedford’s local control of schools. IB is widely accepted by colleges and universities for its rigor and enhances students’ college applications. (Dartmouth College) His vote on the school voucher program/ business tax credit (SB372, 2012) supports the Free State agenda of dismantling public schools.

Like Free State candidates Aaron Day and Matt Phillips, Sanborn moved into town not long before registering to run for State Senate representing Bedford. His votes make it appear he brought an outside agenda.

Lee Nyquist has earned the respect of his neighbors and constituents in New Boston who have re-elected him as their Town Moderator for 22 years. He believes in protecting a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. Lee is opposed to sales and income tax. Lee brings representatives of Business and Labor together in his continuing role as chair of New Hampshire’s Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council. Importantly, Lee and his wife, Leslie have had their children enrolled in New Hampshire’s public schools for over 25 years and counting. I trust Lee to listen to his constituents and do what is best for New Hampshire businesses and families.

Please consider voting for Lee Nyquist for State Senate.

Dianne Bzik