Wolf seeks support for election

To the Editor:

My name is Terry Wolf and I am a Republican candidate for the New Hampshire State House. There are six seats to represent Bedford.

I have lived in Bedford with my family for thirteen years. During that time I have been an active part of the community. I am in my ninth-year as an elected-member of the Bedford School Board and I am in my fourth year as chair. I have been on the board during the design and construction of the middle school and high school as well as the realignment of the district from grades preK-8 to preK-12. I have served on numerous sub-committees including the Curriculum and Technology committees, the Bedford Community Television board and the town’s Bedford Economic Development Commission. I have learned a lot on the school board about creating policy, local government operation and working with and listening to a wide-variety of people.

I am running with two different perspectives – as someone who has served in local government and has first-hand experience of the impact of state and federal regulations; and as an individual who would like to preserve what is best about New Hampshire – our live free or die spirit that makes living and working here so appealing.

I am interested in making NH retirement solvent, responsible budget management, personal privacy, healthcare and wellness, education and transparency in government.

If I am elected to serve in Concord, I will continue to be open-minded and respectful to the people that I work with and I will work hard to create long-term solutions for New Hampshire.

I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, November 4.

You can reach me at terrywolfnh@gmail.com or my web site terrywolfnh.com.

Terry Wolf