Women care about bigger issues

To the Editor:

Apparently politicians and candidates are under the impression that the only thing women care about is access to abortion and free contraception. It is now to the point where candidates from both parties are spending their campaign advertising dollars to win the title of “Most Pro-Abortion and Most Free Contraception Candidate.” Meanwhile wages and the economy stagnate, the deficit soars, the security and sovereignty of our country are compromised, Ebola spreads, and the bloated federal government and its countless bureaucracies continue to overreach and impose on our liberties. These are the issues that women lose sleep over.

Women tend to think of others before themselves. They care deeply about their families, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. They are passionate about education, the economy, and national security. It is highly insulting to think that women are so selfish that their number one concern is where to get the next abortion or pill and who is going to pay for it. It is the antithesis of our dignity as women and as valuable members of a society.

Diane Roblee