Casting his votes for Sanborn, Wolf

To the Editor:

This coming Tuesday I urge Bedford voters to cast votes for Andy Sanborn for senate and Laurie Sanborn and Terry Wolf for state representative.

Andy Sanborn has served Bedford well these past two years. He’s been an independent voice at the State House focusing on keeping taxes low and getting the most value out of every tax dollar spent. His passion for finding innovative ways to get things done isn’t always popular, but changing the status quo is more important to Andy than being the most popular. Andy is an entrepreneur who brings what he’s learned in the business world to the legislature. Bedford and the State of New Hampshire are fortunate to have his talents working for us.

Laurie Sanborn is one of the hardest working members in the House. Her republican peers recognized this and chose her as one of their leaders. She founded the House business caucus to bring like-minded legislators together to work on policies that will enable businesses to grow and produce good-paying jobs. She is very accessible and works hard to respond to constituent concerns.

Terry Wolf has served Bedford very well on the school board, insuring quality education at an affordable price for Bedford taxpayers. She now has stepped forward to offer her time to serve us in the legislature. I’ve known Terry for 14 years. She is a practical person that finds practical solutions.

Through her years serving on the school board she has become very informed on education policies and the challenges the State of New Hampshire faces with the under-funded public sector retirement system. She will bring her fiscal conservatism to tackling these issues in Concord.

Please cast votes for Andy and Laurie Sanborn, and Terry Wolf this Tuesday.

Henry Veilleux