Let’s set the facts straight

To the Editor:

During the past few weeks, you have heard a lot about the race for State Senate in District 9. Unfortunately, while it should have been about the state’s challenges and how we, as policy makers, see the path of solutions, my opponent has resorted to spending the past three weeks doing everything in his power to disparage me, my family and my business.

When I decided to become politically active, I knew there would be days when people disagree and days when the fur would fly.

What I don’t agree with, however, is when someone just plain lies and fabricates all with the intent to put doubt and fear into others’ minds.

I pride myself on always being honest, accessible and transparent about both my political life and, as a result of being a public person, my private life. I figured that if I was going to ask people to support and vote for me, it was the least I should do.

So, let’s set the record straight.

My opponent has sent several mailers stating I am eliminating Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. For the record, these are Federal Programs and I am running for State Senate. Not only would I not vote to eliminate them, I couldn’t as they are Federal programs.

My opponent claims I am taking away children’s healthcare. Again, wrong. In 2010 Gov. John Lynch created a new, better children’s health system and in the budget we moved kids from the old system to the new, better system. My opponent only says we eliminated the original one, and does not mention we created a better new one.

My opponent claims I don’t show up in Concord and vote when I have a 100% attendance record and have never missed a vote while serving you.

While I have created, bought, expanded, sold over a dozen business in my life, I did lose one, because that IS America. Not every business is guaranteed to be successful. No government money, no bail out, no subsidies. It was my money invested in it.

I am not past due on my taxes.

As a landlord, I have had and have tenants who decided to do things I do not approve of. It’s been documented in the press for some time, yet I must recognize contract law and the constitution.

My employees make $13 to $25/hr. yet my opponent wants you to believe I pay, only the women who work for me, less than the Federal minimum wage. Seriously? I can’t print what I think about how desperate my opponent is to belittle my employees and attack my business.

My opponent says I vote against education when, as a Senator, I actually did what is expected and reached out to our local School boards and asked them if they wanted me to vote on new potential state mandates. They advised, we must preserve local control and they asked me to vote against anything which would impede their efforts. I did.

In 2010, we were facing an $800 Million shortfall due to the past legislature’s over spending. We could have raised your taxes by $800 Million (increase every single tax you pay by about 24%), or we did what we needed to do, make the tough decisions and make the state live within its means. Every department in State government saw cuts from 8-13%. The UNH cut was 5%. When the money came back, we restored the funding.

My opponent has been working to create hysteria over legislative taxpayer protections when the money was not there and he has resorted to creating just wild, out of context, false assertions.

He is trying to scare people and that is just not right.

I will never claim to be a perfect man or representative, but I promise I will not utilize hysterics and fear to win an election or make a political statement.

I hope I can keep your support, trust and vote on Nov 4th

Senator Andy Sanborn