Sanborn has proven his leadership abilities

To the Editor:

On Nov. 4, the voters of Bedford will be going to the polls to elect our state representatives as well as our representatives in Washington. I have been focusing on our current state senator Andy Sanborn. Without question he has proven himself to be a true conservative and a leader against excessive spending at the state level. Andy also concerned himself on the local level, he has attended town meetings involving the town council the school board, our legislative representatives, and our executive council representative Chris Pappas. Andy will always be there for us when we need him, his experience as a state senator will be a plus for Bedford. Andy will serve the tax payers not the special interest, he also has good affiliations fellow state senators and legislators.

In addition I urge the electorate to support Laurie Sanborn for state representative for the same reasons I have mention concerning Andy Sanborn. Laurie is very dedicated as a representative and has the experience to enhance our state and local matters that affect all of us.

On election day please take the time to get out and vote. If you are going to be away you can always pick up an absentee ballot at the town office.

Norm Longval

Bedford town councilor