Sanborn is a hardworking, honest candidate

To the Editor:

It’s hard to believe, but the nasty, outrageous, mostly personal political attacks against Republicans, but especially against Andy Sanborn, seem to be worse this year than ever before. Somehow, as elected public servants, we are expected to just develop a tough skin and not let it hurt. But, it does.

Your Senator, Andy Sanborn, is one of the hardest working, honest, helpful, knowledgeable and generous people I know. Yes, I may be biased, because I’ve been happily married to him for 24 years. He’s not a perfect man, but these are attributes that no one can deny if they’ve come to know Andy even for 10 minutes.

You may not agree with him on everything, but I’d bet you agree more than you disagree. Do you want a Senator who seeks input and feedback regularly from Bedford residents, councilors and town officials? Do you want a Senator who is concerned about the state being prudent and respectful of your hard earned tax dollars? Do you want a Senator who fights for local decision making? Do you want a Senator with a 100% attendance record in Concord? Do you want a Senator who tells you what he believes in and actually votes that way? Then Andy is your best and only choice to represent you in the NH State Senate.

The lies his opponent are spewing about Andy are so ridiculous one can only hope voters will see them for what they are – shameless, baseless attempts to discredit Andy so that he won’t win the election and the opportunity to continue serving you.

I can tell you that Andy Sanborn is running for the right reasons and is an exceptional and honorable human being. I hope you will vote for him on November 4th so that he can get back to working for you as your State Senator.

Laurie Sanborn