Sanborn is best choice for Bedford

To the Editor:

As someone in Bedford that has a chance to see Andy Sandborn’s contributions close up, here is my perspective on Andy’s service.

First, Andy works. He understands that representing us in Concord is not a status, but a job. He calls the school district or school board when there’s a bill that raises questions of local control or significant costs. He keeps us up to speed on bills that morph unexpectedly and last-minute changes in a hearing. He works to understand our concerns as a community. I’ve seen him work to explore alternatives and build coalitions, putting us in touch with other Senators and Reps we might be able to persuade or partner with. I am impressed with his energy and effectiveness.

Second, Andy is realistic and positive. He knows we won’t always get what we want and that some battles are not going to be productive. He calls them as he sees them. He doesn’t burn bridges, but retains his civility throughout. One of the things I like most about working with Andy is seeing how passionate he can be and yet remain calm even in the face of strong opposition. I appreciate Andy’s commitment to the democratic process.

Andy is one of the bright spots as I work in local government. He has earned my vote.

Scott Earnshaw