Shaheen supports immigration reform, job creation

To the Editor:

In the last issue of the Journal there was an article expounding on all the reasons why we should not re-elect Senator Shaheen. Every argument was not factual.

The claim: “She has taken no action to secure our borders.” The facts: Senator Shaheen is a supporter of comprehensive immigration reform and recently voted in favor of the Senate bipartisan, common sense reform immigration legislation that would strengthen our border security, require employers to use an E-Verify system to ensure no workers are here illegally, and would provide a tough but fair path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Sadly, John Boehner refused to bring this legislation to the House floor, as he has done in case after case. When Scott Brown was MA senator he missed all 6 border security hearings he should have attended as a member of the Homeland Security Committee.

The claim: Senator Shaheen is guilty of “rubber stamping economic policies which have resulted in massive uemployment.” The facts: Senator Shaheen and Governor Hassan have worked tirelessly to bring new jobs to NH. Our recent unemployment rate was 4%, one of the lowest in the country. Our national unemployment rate of 5.9% is the lowest it’s been since 2008.

The claim: Senator Shaheen “voted in favor of Obamacare causing us to live with fewer health care provider options and ever-increasing health insurance costs.” The facts: As of 2015, we will have 5 insurance companies in our NH network and every hospital in the state will be covered by at least 3 providers. Our rates might go down as much as 20%. The Affordable Care Act is working! Today 50.000 more people in NH have health insurance. This is good for all of us because we will be a healthier state and our costs will go down. Call it Obamacare or call it the ACA, Senator Shaheen and Governor Hassan are to be thanked by all of us with our vote this November for fighting for health care reform!

Beth Ann Salzman