Wolf is right candidate for Bedford

To the Editor:

I met Terry Wolf well over ten years go. Since then I have seen her around town at school activities, school board meetings and volunteer activities.

People in Bedford have strong opinions about how our schools should be run. In her role as a school board member and board chair, she has listened to students, teachers, staff, parents and taxpayers share their expectations while constructing Bedford High School.

She has worked hard to build a school system that represents the community while dealing with Federal and state regulations, the recession, and a loss of $900,000 from the state – after the budget was approved. Bedford’s cost-per-pupil is below state average at all grade levels and Bedford High School was recognized as the NH Secondary School of Excellence winner in its seventh year. In 2013, Bedford was ranked the #2 district in the country on Forbes “Best Schools for Your Housing Buck” list.

Terry is a Republican candidate for State Representative serving Bedford. She has demonstrated that she understands the issues and puts in the time to listen to diverse perspectives before making decisions. She has nine years of experience representing the community at the local level. Vote for Terry Wolf to represent Bedford in Concord.

Lisa Heaps