Bedford Energy Commission recognizes local business

To the Editor:

The Bedford Energy Commission is kicking off 2015 with several exciting new initiatives. In late 2014, the commission recognized that many Bedford businesses and individuals are working toward energy efficiency, but are not being recognized for their efforts. We are choosing to honor those businesses and/or individuals at upcoming meetings, by presenting them with a certificate and a forum to tell their neighbors about these efforts.

At its January meeting, the Commission made its first such presentation, honoring the Route 101 Hannaford Supermarket for their work in setting, achieving, and exceeding environmentally responsible measures. Scott Duball, speaking for Hannaford Supermarkets, shared their focus on recycling and sustainability, including encouraging reusable bags and recycling centers for plastic bags, and ensuring all departments use environmentally friendly food storage and recycling measures.

Hannaford’s commitment to recycling and zero waste starts with every employee, and is encouraged and championed by its management and corporate structure. The Bedford store works daily with charitable organizations to rescue food items and distribute them to those in need. This store composted 37 tons of waste food last year alone. Rather than profit from the composted food, packages [of compost?] are put together, decorated with artwork from a children’s non-profit, and returned to Hannaford where they are sold. All profits from these sales are subsequently donated to Boston Children’s Hospital.

As a result of these efforts, 125 million pounds of solid waste are kept out of landfills every year. Hannaford takes steps to fight global warming, and they estimate that their efforts to reduce emissions are equivalent to taking approximately 38,000 cars off the road.

Hannaford is more than a good neighbor – they are the kind of neighbor that ensures the neighborhood will be standing for generations For these compelling reasons, the Bedford Energy Commission has selected them as our first certificate recipient.

The Commission seeks to recognize other individuals and businesses for their efforts. If you know of such a business or organization, make your nomination by emailing

The Bedford Energy Commission will continue to recognize and promote environmentalism throughout our town. Follow us on our Facebook Page, “Energize Bedford NH.”

Kelleigh Domaingue Murphy

Town Councilor and Town Council Alternate to the Energy Commission