Sledjeski seeks vote for Bedford Town Coucil

To the Editor:

I hope that everyone is having fun with our massive snow fall this year, I know I have really ‘enjoyed’ it! I wanted to compliment the town for keeping our roads clear and our families safe in these tough winter times.

I am writing today to introduce myself to the voters of Bedford, share with you why I am running for Town Council and list some reasons why I feel I deserve your vote on Tuesday, March 10.

Let me begin by stating that your vote will make a huge difference as our council sees three open seats, a first in many years.

I moved to town almost a decade ago, just as Bedford was approving the building of the High School. Having two young children at the time, my wife and I decided that Bedford’s small town feel and superior school system was a great place to raise our kids. Fast-forward to the present and our 12 and 14 year olds are enjoying the benefits of the system that was put in place many years ago.

Working for a mid-sized investment firm in Boston on the risk management side, my position has called up me to weigh various options, receive input from different sides and make thoughtful and educated and well rounded decisions. I have spent many years working within the youth sports arena in town, including almost 8 years on the Board of Bedford Soccer League, helping to improve the health and well being of our young athletes.

When I decided to run for Town Council I did so out of service to our community and an interest in local activities. I do not harbor any hidden agenda or plan to serve any single entity, but be a voice for all of the Bedford residents.

I know that many folks are concerned about the Route 101 project, the fire substation and increasing taxes. Let me assure you that my intention would be to further research the issues, come to a fair and balanced decision and keep a close watch on the tax rate and the town’s bottom line. I would also look to the taxpayers to help me to prioritize the agenda, tell me what is important to you!

I will be a council member who listens to all citizens, researches the issues, compromises with civility, and makes the tough decisions for Bedford residents.

I would be honored to earn your vote on March 10.

Enjoy the snow!

Frank Sledjeski

Candidate for Bedford Town Council