Stevens deserves Bedford’s vote

To the Editor:

Very soon we shall go to the polls in Bedford and vote either to approve or not a school and town budget totaling almost $90 million. Additionally, voters will elect two new school soard members and three new town councilors, whose subsequent decisions will impact our lives and our wallets deeply.

As a voter, I am very happy that on the town side the debate hosted by the Bedford Men’s Club clearly delineated between the good, the bad and the merely adequate candidates for town councilor. One person, in particular, I have come to know through her campaign for the state legislature and as a fellow planning board member this last year. Melissa Stevens is one of four candidates I believe warrants your vote and your confidence. She has almost ten years experience in government affairs at the federal and state levels, with both State senators and House representatives. In Bedford, she has proven to be a strong advocate for both economic development and effective recycling. I have every confidence in Melissa’s ability to enthusiastically, confidently and competently represent this community’s affairs and governance.

On Tuesday, March 10, I urge you to vote for Melissa Stevens. Also, try to watch the Men’s Club debates on BCTV for both school board and town council because you will find them very informative and helpful on the issues and the candidates.

James Scanlon