Candidate seeks re-election to Bedford School Board

To the Editor:

My name is Cindy Chagnon, and I am running for re-election to the Bedford School Board. I am a 43 year resident of Bedford having moved here with my husband in 1973 when he established his dental practice. We raised our children here and they both were graduated from West High School and went on to college and graduate school.

When my children were grown and I had decided not to go back into teaching full-time, I first decided to run for school board 18 years ago because of my commitment to the importance of public education. That passion and commitment has only grown stronger in my 18 years on the board.

1. I believe in Children. Each child is unique and comes to school with individual needs and assets. How schools can reach each of these individuals with different learning styles and interests and find the “hook” that captures them and makes them believe in themselves and their potential is a challenge that the Bedford schools try to meet daily. Each child does matter here. They know that it is not only in the classroom where the child learns to grow and develop but is also in the many co-curricular and athletic programs our district offers, whether it be Model UN, Geography Bee, Destination Imagination, or the many athletic pursuits where students can participate and learn to believe in themselves and their potential.

2. I believe in Teamwork. Everything works more efficiently when teamwork is involved. There are so many grade level teams and K-12 Curriculum and Planning Teams, etc. within our district as well as a Leadership Team of all the administrators and principals. Teachers are involved in every step of the process, and a school board member serves on all the important committees. Another absolutely essential ingredient of this team for our children here are the parents. As Supt. Chip McGee states, “In Bedford, we have parents who work with us and send us students ready to learn.” This teamwork is probably why so many people move to Bedford and why the district wins so much national and state recognition for excellence.

3. I believe in Bedford. I believe that the citizens of this town truly care about the education of its children whether or not they have students in the schools at the present time. Budgets have been supported and contracts have been passed for many years because so many citizens of this town recognize the excellence of our school district and what it means to be a student in the Bedford schools.

I would like to ask for your support on March 10 so that I can continue to work to provide an affordable school district of excellence here.

Cindy Chagnon, Bedford