Ayotte’s signature on letter is disappointing

To the Editor:

I am shocked and bitterly disappointed that Senator Ayotte decided to sign the Senate letter to Iran. I am a Jew who loves and totally supports a safe Israel…it is in my DNA. I am also an American who has learned to respect our President and his cabinet. Pres. Obama and Sec. Kerry have been working on nuclear negotiations with five other countries and Iran for over a year to curtail their nuclear program. They will never allow a bomb to be built in Iran. Is not a negotiated deal better than a war? Have we not learned anything from our foray into Iraq? Netanyahu came to our Congress in 2002 and told us to get rid of Saddam Hussein who he claimed had WMDs. What a mess that created! But did you see Democrats oppose President George W. Bush directly or to our enemy. Of course not. And the letter was full of errors, some even noted by the Iranians. What is happening to our government? Will Senator Ayotte ever have the courage to oppose these irresponsible, reckless and dangerous actions of the far right in her party?

Beth Ann Salzman