Lessons learned at Hannaford in Bedford appreciated

To the Editor:

On Friday, March 20, I joined my granddaughter’s Brownie troop while they toured the Hannaford’s store on Jenkins Road in Bedford. As I expected, I learned interesting facts about the produce, deli, and bakery departments. I was happy to see the many questions asked by the Brownies answered so carefully by the various department employees. But I was pleasantly astonished to learn of the comprehensive program that Hannaford has in place to reduce the amount of waste the store generates.

Two procedures that were easily understood by the Brownies were explained by employees. One employee showed us how all the cardboard boxes are made into bales of cardboard that are then sold, keeping the cardboard out of the landfill and generating money for the company. Another department showed us the container where all waste from fruits and vegetables is saved for twice weekly pick up. These materials are taken to a commercial composting company that will eventually turn it into compost for use by gardeners.

Thank you to the Hannaford’s store for educating both the Brownies and this grandmother.

Judith MacLellan