Thank you Sen. Daniels for supporting SB3

To the Editor:

Are you aware that NH businesses are paying some of the highest workers’ compensation premiums in the country? Actually we are paying on average the 12th most expensive premiums according to an Oregon study. Why is this happening? What’s going on here in NH?

Well it’s because the NH workers’ compensation statute is unlike most in the country. The statute currently allows doctors who treat injured employees to charge insurance carriers whatever they want.

Carriers are forced to pay doctors 2-5 times more than if the injury happened at home. For example, if I’m at home and I fall off a ladder and tear my rotator cuff it will cost my health insurance on average $2,000 to repair. On the other hand if I’m at work and I fall off a ladder and tear my rotator cuff the cost to repair it on average is $10,000. How is this fair? The only difference between the injuries is where they occurred.

However there is a solution. NH could adopt what 44 other states have done and put a cap on what doctors can charge carriers, what’s commonly referred to as a fee schedule. Senator Daniels of Milford has a proposal which might just do that. His proposal allows for a free market correction; a voluntary 15% reduction in charges and if that isn’t met then a fee schedule will be adopted.

His proposal is supported by over 8500 businesses located in all corners of the state including mine. On behalf of these other businesses, and as the owner of Contemporary Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Milford, I would like to thank Senator Daniels for all his hard work and support of the New Hampshire business community.

David Hammer

Dealer Principal

Contemporary Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram – Milford