Bedford High School Leadership Class fundraiser: MARVELous Disney Day

To the Editor:

Every year the leadership classes at Bedford High School host some sort of fundraiser to raise money for a charitable cause. This year we are donating to Camp Allen, which is a camp for kids with special needs located in Bedford. We are going to host a morning full of Disney and Marvel themed activities for elementary school kids. Parents can drop off their children on Saturday, May 16, at Bedford High school at 9 a.m. and pick them up at noon. The students in our class will be running the event under the supervision of teachers from the school. During the day, we will be doing outdoor activities, watching movies, having a snack, and doing a craft. The cost will be $20 for the first child and every child after that will be $10. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help promote the event to the community. Thank you for your time.

Bedford High School Leadership Class