Remembering Richard Corliss

Remembering Richard Corliss

To the Editor:

Richard Corliss died last week. A couple of years ago, he left Bedford and his daily place in the Bedford Library. At that time, Richard let me know that he had to move closer to his family and assured me that I would be hearing from him. Unfortunately I heard about him last week in an associated press announcement of his death. “Richard Corliss, 71, Was Longtime ‘Time’ Film Critic,” headlined the article.

I knew Corliss as a passionate man who loved to write. I didn’t know of his 35 years at Time and 2,500 reviews and articles he had authored. By using Google to search his name, I learned about his incredible career. He called me because of my association with the Bedford Democrats. Corliss wanted his political writing to get the attention his movie reviews once received. He submitted a letter to the editor to the local Bedford papers each week. The letters were too good and too compelling to not be published.

Convinced of the power of the written word, Richard wanted to reach a wide audience again. He never stopped reaching. As Robert Browning said, “a man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?”

Floyd Inman