Hillary is the one to lead America

To the Editor:

It’s been nearly a week since I walked the 4th of July pa­rade in Merrimack on behalf of Candidate Secretary Mrs. Hillary Clinton. I’m tired of reading the bad news accounts and want to send a better perspective.

Let me be clear. Sec. Mrs. Clinton is in my mind with no doubt; the best person to lead our country. I’ve supported and spoken with her since 2007 and felt so ever since. Let’s get it right in 2016.

My three issues are keeping Social Security intact ; avail­able health care for all Americans; and getting the cost of education to reasonable levels. I am approaching Medicare/SS age and am appalled at the candidates who would even consider dropping those programs. As the proud father of a daughter who has a Doctorate; I see her in student loan debt which goes against the core of my financial teachings to her. And really as a fourth issue; I cannot imagine any of the other candidates with No experience being in a room with foreign leaders negotiating on America’s behalf.

If we are going to put these pillars as a priority in Amer­ica; then I know who will. This is why I support Sec. Mrs. Clinton on her run for the Presidency and in the NH Pri­mary.