Now is the right time for Clinton

To the Editor:

I was born on a wintery December 4th day, 1940, un­der the watchful eye of the German Gestapo. During the German occupation in Lyon, France, I joined the growing numbers of abandoned, newborn boys coming of age in the shadow of the war. Paradoxically, I was saved because of this unfortunate beginning. I am here today solely for the fact that I have always relied on my gut feelings; always looking forward and thinking about the future. So, it is fitting to state that I am a product, conceived and shaped, of the sea­sonal prevailing winds, monsoons, earthquakes, and gales.

Recently, I was approached by a smart, eclectic and vibrant team of young titans dedicated to elect Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States. I was previously con­templating getting involved with the process, so I jumped at the occasion! This past Saturday, we joined the Merrimack Independence Day parade. Our delegation proved to be the best organized, with the greatest number of participants and the most demonstrative and enthusiastic group in atten­dance. The march gave us the chance to acknowledge that our message was well received.

Like most of our past Presidents, each won because they ran at the right time with the right message, brain, spine and heart. It is my gut feeling, the same one which has car­ried me successfully throughout my life, that Secretary Clin­ton will bring together the wisest and most diverse pool of American voters. Hillary, she is the one this time!