Group, students host Veterans Day event

To the Editor:

For the past four years the Bedford Historical Society, in conjunction with the Bedford High School Students for Liberty and the Bedford Friendship Quilt Guild, has held a Veterans Day celebration, "A Salute for Serving," on Nov. 11. This is a community event to which all local veterans, their friends and families are invited, as well as members of the community of all ages.

The program is hosted by the Bedford High Students for Liberty and music is provided by the Bedford High School Band. There is a guest speaker, a veteran, and all the veterans attending are recognized for their service. In addition, "Quilts of Valor" are presented to selected veterans. These beautiful quilts are created by the Bedford Friendship Quilt Guild especially for this purpose and are greatly appreciated. It is a wonderful event and every year attendance has increased.

The first three years the ceremony was held in the Town Hall, but as attendance has grown, last year the Historical Society asked the school board for permission to hold the event in the Bedford High School Theater – more seating, more space for the band, better sound, and better access for handicapped individuals. Permission was granted with the understanding that the Historical Society would be responsible for paying for the custodian. While the event was a great success, the Historical Society received a bill for approximately $400.

It seems outrageous to me that a non-profit organization such as the Bedford Historical Society would be charged such a large fee to hold a NON-fundraising event in a town building.

I believe that our veterans should be acknowledged and this event, which includes Bedford students, and to which all residents, young and old, are encouraged to attend, is a wonderful way to do just that and should not be levied the same fee as a fundraising event. After all, aren’t our beautiful schools a result of what our veterans fought for? And because they did, the "Salute for Service" will take place again this year, on Nov. 11, in the Bedford High School Theater from 10 a.m. to noon.

Come, bring your kids and your grandkids. There will be refreshments. Hope to see you there.

Gwen Broder