School Board participation needed

To the Editor:

The Bedford School Board has made significant strides toward becoming more open, transparent and inclusive in its governance practices.

I ask you to reward their efforts by attending more Board meetings, having more open dialog with board members, and increasing your individual participation in the raising and spending of a nearly seventy-million dollar school budget.

Meeting agendas now include detailed information about the topics to be discussed.

Presentations, preliminary budgets, draft position statements, and other materials are now online and freely available before the public meeting.

In the past, this information was published with the formal meeting minutes two to four weeks afterwards, too late to be valuable.

Most importantly, dialog is now invited and encouraged at the public school board meetings.

Board members are now responding to questions and having conversations with, not just in front of, townspeople.

The Bedford School Board has been changing policy and practices to allow for, and stimulate, greater public participation in how the Bedford schools are governed.

Let’s encourage even more change in this direction by attending more meetings, sending more emails and by having more open dialog and idea exchange at all Bedford public meetings.

The Bedford School Board has opened the doors. It’s up to us to walk though and meet them.

Jay Nash