Thanks for informative feature article

To the Editor:

I read with great interest your Dec. 11 feature article, "Black Heroes in a White Army."

I immediately took the advice from the quote at the article’s end by Douglas Brinkley, "All Americans should read this WWII history," regarding the recently published book "Forgotten" by Linda Hervieux, and set out to order it from Amazon. I found the book has received many well-written 5 star reviews as a wonderfully fascinating and inspiring true story. I am sure I will not be disappointed!

I thank you for another very timely and informative feature article and for bringing the service of these black soldiers on D-Day to our attention.

Today’s Army has a very different attitude than it did in the days of Word War II, as we are all very well aware, but it is good to go back and understand how difficult it was for these black "pioneers" who persevered through the racism to do their duty and be thankful for the doors that have opened and the equal opportunities that have made blacks as valuable and respected a resource in our military as their white counterparts. It has been a long road.

In addition, if I could vote it so, I would certainly want to see Waverly Woodson’s family receive his well-deserved and long overdue Medal of Honor. It is a dishonor to America that they have not.

Priscilla Sands
Operation Yellow Bead