Where is concern over substation?

To the Editor:

To members of the Bedford Town Council:

Dear Councilors:

We recently came home from Florida for the holidays, and I watched with great interest your meeting on the town budget on BCTV. With regards to the Fire Department budget and specifically the Fire Department substation, I was appalled to hear that only two councilors were concerned about public safety and the rest of you only care about dollars. Mr. Scanlon and Mr. Bandazian were the only members who were concerned about the safety of residents which the substation would contribute to.

Do you realize we have the following on the Route 3 corridor:

? Hampshire Green Apartments

? Heritage on the Merrimack Apartments

? The (under construction) Maple Ridge Apartments

? River Glen Condominiums

? Riverwalk Condominiums

? Village Green Condominiums

? The Arbors

? Ridgewood Genesis Nursing Home

? Bedford Hills Genesis Nursing Home

? Country Inn & Suites Hotel

? Hampton InnHotel

? Commerce Park Office Complex

? Executive Park Office Complex

? Bedford Farms Office Complex

? Trinity Life Church

? N.H. SportsPlex

? Graham Packaging Systems (a huge building)

There are many, many other office buildings in smaller areas as well as the Bedford Mall, the new Hannaford store, the new Whole Foods complex and the proposed Macy’s redevelopment.

For those of us who are concerned about public safety and the welfare of folks in town, this substation is a must. Knowing that an initial FAST first response can be critical in avoiding a disaster and loss of life. Bedford has grown from a small town to a large populace and needs proper, warranted safety services. Many of Bedford’s aging population lives in the Route 3 corridor and it is these folks who need emergency services more often.

Living down South for five months of the year precludes us from participating in the process in person, but our hearts are always in Bedford and we are happy to have called Bedford our home for over 45 years.

David B. Gaudes Sr.