Leadership, experience we can count on

To the Editor:

Choosing the Republican nominee I would support was difficult. We have a large field of candidates and a lot of talent and experience. There were several factors I considered when choosing a candidate. The one I struggled with the most was experience. I kept coming back to this question, are executive and public policy experiences necessary?

I have found this primary to be unlike those of the past and much of this is because of our frustration and anger with the state of our nation. Instability will cause anxiety, and that anxiety has ultimately led to anger. From where we stand, it is easy enough to blame Washington and all that it encompasses. We say that Washington is the problem. The last thing we need is another "one of them." Different is better.

Let’s remind ourselves who it is we are so frustrated with, and who is the status quo. The status quo right now is a president whose prior experience in public policy consists of one term in the United States Senate and seven years in the state legislature. He didn’t even finish his first term in the United States Senate. He had no executive level experience. I believe it’s safe to surmise his failed policies and lackadaisical leadership are the result of inexperience in both public policy and executive level management, and what we need is the opposite of that. What we need is a candidate with real experience and real leadership skills.

Jeb Bush is the entrepreneur and leader we need to move our country forward. Jeb started his career in the private sector working for a bank and later went on to become a partner in a leading real estate development firm.

He has shown a real commitment to public service throughout his life. Even after coming up short in his first bid for governor, Jeb took the time to visit 250 schools in Florida. He spent time talking with students, teachers, and parents in an effort to learn more about why Florida’s schools were faltering. Jeb and his wife Columba have also been tireless advocates for women’s crisis centers and shelters.

Jeb is no stranger to leading in a crisis, having worked with state and federal agencies when Florida was hit by four hurricanes in 44 days. His leadership earned him national accolades. With our country and the world facing an enemy unlike any other, Jeb’s experience and character is essential. Right now Washington can’t even agree on what to call terrorists, never mind devise a plan on how to defeat them. Jeb laid out a detailed strategy to keep our country safe and defeat ISIS long before the horrific attack on Paris.

Jeb also has detailed plans aimed at growing the economy and cutting waste in Washington. As governor, he cut spending and vetoed over 2,500 lines in the state budget. Under his leadership, state government shrank and taxes were cut each year. During his first tenure, state reserves increased nearly ten times.

Jeb’s dedication and leadership to the job did not go unnoticed by Florida’s voters. He is the first ever Republican governor to serve two terms in the state. His experience will certainly serve us well when dealing with the range of issues affecting our nation.

In chatting with a group of friends about what teachers their children would have this year. The "new teacher" came up a few times. There’s a bit of anxiety when your child is assigned the new teacher. We believe when it comes to our children’s education, medical professionals, electricians, attorneys, and a whole host of other jobs, experience in the job and a record of achievement are important. Shouldn’t we hold the individual running our country to the same standard?

Jeb’s record reflects that of an effective, hardworking, conservative leader. I hope you join me in supporting his candidacy as the Republican nominee for President.

Melissa Stevens


Melissa Stevens is a mother of two, New Hampshire Republican activist, and serves on the Bedford Town Council. These are her own personal views and do not reflect those of the Town Council.