What Democratic Socialism means

To the Editor:

Democratic Socialists’ underlying philosophy is that they have a right to take property earned by others for whatever product or service they desire (i.e., a right to goods and services at others’ expense). Thus, Democratic Socialists lack faith, hope and charity.

They apparently have no faith in themselves ever to succeed nor do they have faith in a God of providence. Surely, there is no hope of ever improving one’s self to earn substantial income or wealth as they themselves would then have it taken away.

There can be no charity because the philosophy is built upon taking rather than giving. There is no compassion in taking the fruit of someone else’s labor, rather than one’s own, to distribute to the needy. Neither is there any thankfulness, when one thinks they have a right to a gift.

They have no love or respect for successful people, even those who provide them with satisfactory goods and services. Contempt and vitriol is extended to whole classes of people, based solely on their income and wealth, regardless of their character.

Socialists have contempt for the Founders’ Declaration of Independence and the God-given and equal rights of life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness. The right, as they believe, to the property of others is diametrically opposed to others’ right to the property they have earned. This contempt extends to the Constitution of limited government that equally protects others’ life, liberty and property. Without hope of obtaining property honestly through providing something of value (e.g., labor) to others, there is no desire to protect property rights. By definition, this rapacious desire for possessions of others is the very greed for which they attribute to the wealthy.

Socialists refuse to recognize economic reality or take personal responsibility for themselves or their policies. For example, arbitrarily raising wages above its economic return necessarily leads to higher prices or unemployment, leading to more welfare, leading to more taxes, leading to higher costs and flight of capital, leading to further reduction in jobs, resulting in a gradual death spiral of the economy.

By necessity, democratic voting on economic issues requires drastic limitation of choices between large bundles of products or services where supply rarely aligns with demand; while the free market allows everyone to satisfy their desire to the extent they supply equivalent value in return.

Socialists: Have faith, hope and charity. That’s the way to live successfully!

Eldon L. Rash