Reject current proposed school budget

To the Editor:

I urge Bedford citizens to vote NO on the current proposed school budget. If voters reject the proposed budget, the default budget will be in effect. Realize that the default budget is higher than this year’s operating budget and no programming or staff cuts will be necessary. The default budget includes all necessary salary and benefit expenditures. It does not include the one-time capital expenditures which were illegally inserted by the Bedford school bureaucrats as ongoing expenses in previous default budgets. This practice has been reduced because it was uncovered and exposed to the public. We finally have an opportunity to enact a generous default budget which not only benefits our students but also grants relief to the tax-paying citizens.

I expect there will be the typical hysteria from those with vested interests in ever-increasing budgets. They will cry wolf and claim voters are cold, heartless, mean-spirited people who don’t care about the children. But consider that the proposed budget asks for a whopping additional $2.8 million for staff increases and special education. This is simply not justified at a time when our enrollments are projected to decline. Note well that the school budget has sky-rocketed from $28.6 million in 2001-2002, to a proposed mega-budget of $68.6 million for 2016-2017. Voters may not know that for the past few years there have been budget surpluses of $2-3 million or more!

On March 8, vote against the proposed budget and stop to the out-of-control spending and spiraling taxes.

Diane Roblee