Traffic flow on election day puzzling

To the Editor:

Today (Feb. 9) I voted at the Bedford High School again. Arriving in the area of the school, traffic was at a stand-still. Once it allowed me to enter the school, I was surprised to find, instead of the old way of turning right at the top of the hill to go behind the school, you went straight, then entered the parking lot behind the school. There were plenty of parking spots and the voting went fast. The problem with this flow of traffic, when you leave you now must cross the inbound traffic. I don’t know the reasoning behind this but traffic would flow faster and smoother if you entered on the right as you approach to school and depart without having to cross traffic. Maybe this is for the buses, but with the barricades on a busy day as this, to reverse the flow would make sense. Had this been done, traffic could enter the parking and reduce the bottle-neck and maybe some of the traffic problems.

Bob Coles