Keep taxes at reasonable rate

To the Editor:

The Bedford Taxpayers Association will be sending out a flier with recommendations for the upcoming town election on March 8. We encourage residents to come out and vote.

Some things BTA supports are reasonable spending, stable/lower taxes and a quality education. We have to weigh the importance of maintaining quality schools and town services with the need to keep Bedford a viable place to live by keeping the taxes at a reasonable rate.

Many Bedford families simply cannot afford more tax increases. We provide helpful information by going through the budgets and then meeting with elected officials to discuss fiscal responsibility.

We encourage voters to defeat the proposed budget on the ballot because it is a ridiculous $3.3 million higher than the current operating budget. It’s important to vote "Yes" on Article III, "No" on Article II, "No" on Article IV and "No" on Article V (proposed operating budget). The default budget is over $1million more than this year’s budget and will maintain all the current programs plus some increases.

We continue to request that the district provide a list of "needs" and "wants" in order to help taxpayers analyze the budgeted items. This would give taxpayers an opportunity to look at any new spending proposals and to prioritize expenditures that may be a new needed program for a school.

Most importantly, we want Bedford residents to be comfortable knowing the default budget maintains the quality of education we have all come to expect without the increased tax burden some of our neighbors would be struggling with.

If you have not joined the BTA or do not know about us, we encourage you to visit our website, where you can learn about us and join to support our efforts. We also have a Facebook page, and invite all residents of Bedford to join if you want to keep up with the work we do.

Joleen Worden