Vote for school budget

To the Editor:

I urge Bedford residents to vote "Yes" on the proposed school budget.

As stated in previous letters to the editor, it is true that if the proposed budget fails that all current staffing and programs are included in the default budget. The difference between the default budget and the proposed budget is $2.3 million.

I urge a "Yes" vote not because of any possible cuts given the proposed budget fails, no hysteria here, but to support the proposed additions to the current budget, which include fixing a failing roof at McKelvie, hiring a licensed drug and alcohol counselor for BHS and addressing increasing enrollments by hiring staff.

The superintendent has stated that the roof is a safety issue and must be fixed. Currently, our LDAC is responsible for over 1,500 Lurgio and BHS students. This is not a luxury line item, I think it’s absolutely imperative given the current drug epidemic in New Hampshire.

Also included in the proposed budget is increased staffing to keep class sizes within community standards. The notion that enrollment is decreasing is simply not the case. The district is forecasting increased enrollments at least through 2019.

Bedford continues to draw families to our town because of the quality of our schools. Our cost per pupil is consistently below state and peer district averages, demonstrating that the School Board and administration are mindful of spending while delivering quality education to our students.

I don’t believe Bedford voters with different opinions are cold, heartless, mean-spirited people. I believe that Bedford voters are thoughtful, educated and considerate. I ask all Bedford voters to vote at BHS on Tuesday, March 8, 7a.m.-7p.m., on the school and town ballots.

Lisa Nash