Thanks for ‘Fakes and Frauds’ article

To the Editor:

I am writing to thank you for another fascinating feature article, "Fakes and Frauds," in the Feb. 19 issue of the Journal. As an artist, I found it particularly interesting, though I can assure you no one is trying to forge anything I do!

Thanks to "The Monuments Men," I have been aware of Hermann Goring’s insatiable appetite for and theft of some of the world’s great masterpieces among his even greater crimes against humanity, and was delighted to read that at least the Vermeer was a fake. Three cheers for Han Van Meegeren, the forger! Though under different circumstances I suppose he should wind up in jail, if faking the Vermeer saved the original, then, in my book, he deserves a medal!

I enjoyed the full spread photos of the artworks that went with the article, and, one last mention on the light side: I wonder how many other readers noted the resemblance to actor Sam Elliott, on the cover, raised eyebrow and all, in Manet’s "Chez Tortoni?" Loved it!

Priscilla Sands

Operation Yellow Bead