Substance Abuse: From the Border to our Corner community discussion March 24

To the Editor:

Substance abuse has grown throughout the country from an incident to a problem to an epidemic to a crisis … and now borders on a pandemic. Many of the presidential candidates point to New Hampshire as one of those states having substantial drug activity and almost no treatment and recovery avenues.

Want to help to do something about it?

On Thursday, March 24, Senator Kelly Ayotte, along with panelists from the DEA, the FBI, and N.H. State Police will join with Bedford Police Chief John Bryfonski and me in a community-wide event to which you are invited.

All adults may attend as well as high school age children.

When: Thurs., March 24, 2016 Time: 6:30-9 pm (doors will open @ 6 pm)

Where: SERESC (Southeastern Regional Education Service Center) 29 Commerce Drive, Bedford.

In addition to a showing of the new FBI/DEA produced video called "Chasing the Dragon", which has its focus on heroin addiction and its consequences; there will be a lights-on Q and A session between audience members and the panelists.

The audience of which you will be a part will include community, church, and business leaders, the Bedford School Board and Superintendent, members of the Town Council and our State legislators. Additionally, treatment and recovery principals along with members of the fast-growing BeBold group will also be in attendance. Sadly, there are four from our community who will not be there; the four that died this past month as a result of substance abuse.

If you want to find out how we got to where we are; what is being done at the international, national, regional, state and local level and how you can help, or if you have children and know you must help, please try to attend this event. If you have questions, please call me (289-5206) or visit the Town of Bedford website Bedford PD website at and/or the Bedford Schools website

Jim Scanlon